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Builders Developers
CEO of Real Estate Companies.

Dear Sir,

                    As you KNOW Probably the Real Estate Scenario of getting Sales is getting TOUGHER day by day because of intense competition and in Cities like Bangalore where every FRIDAY you see 2 to 7 NEW PROJECTS getting Launched for first time .

The old ways of Marketing using Newspaper ADs , Hoarding , Property Show & Online ADs is giving lesser and lesser Response and Sales because of more PROJECTS being promoted through the above said methods . Newspaper ADs , Hoarding and PROPERTY SHOW are becoming EXPENSIVE month after month and getting lesser Sales . 

HOW DO YOU WANT to be a PIONEER in using REVOLUTIONARY technological TOOL to SELL your FLATS / VILLAS / PLOTS Automatically where Potential Buyers simple come and PAY to Buy your Projects ?  A system where it is LIVE always and very Personal. It is very POWERFUL Convincing Tool to anyone worldwide and keeps working 24x7 generating Sales.

While I was in USA , last year when I went to conduct Real Estate Presentations to Sell FLATS of a Bangalore based Builder  I was the only person successful in Selling 17 Flats through LIVE Seminars while another 30+ Builders Executives came with only Leads and no Sales . Being a Professional Speaker , Trainer and Business Presenter trained exclusively in Selling from stage to Group of People in one shot is my expertise which I am doing from last 22 years . Read my PROFILE in my WEBSITE given below .

When I was in Atlanta & New York for 30 Days , I was surprised to STUDY and RESEARCH how Real Estate Agents would conduct LIVE WEBINARS and AUTOMATIC 24x7 Web-casting about Real Estate PROJECTS which would run for 30 minutes to 45 min showing the complete PROJECT and adding VALUE for it so that the Potential Buyer is convinced to take ACTION .

I attended a TRAINING PROGRAM to DEVELOP and CONDUCT a AUTOMATIC 24x7 LIVE WEB-CASTING which is a very POWERFUL STRATEGY to FILTER the POTENTIAL Buyers from useless calls and is most Cost-effective Way to get SALES because a POTENTIAL Buyer can ATTEND a Complete  30 min to 45 min LIVE PRESENTATIONS on your PROJECT anytime 24hrs & INTERACT and CLARIFY his Questions automatically and using the persuasion skills I will incorporate in the VIDEO which will close the SALE automatically. I am expert in doing it.

I am sending a brief information about the usage of  REVOLUTIONARY Automated 24x7 LIVE WEB-CASTING or ONLINE SEMINARS which will be DEVELOPED exclusively for SELLING your PROJECT to the NRIs or any POTENTIAL BUYERS in India . Now you will get 
it Developed at a REASONABLE COST  which is Rs.2 Lakhs . After I have developed for 1 Builder , I will be charging Rs.5 Lakhs . It will be FULLY AUTOMATED and I will EXPLAIN in DETAIL when I meet you . Make no mistake reading this but is a Fact . Like some ignorant & arrogant I-KNOW-EVERYTHING attitude CEOs, GMs & Marketing Heads, please don`t come to your own conclusion immediately without knowing fully. Embrace the INNOVATIVE way to SELLING your FLATS / VILLAS / PLOTS with 50% less Marketing Expenses and get 200% Sales Faster and EASIER . Continue reading slowly........

I myself I have USED LIVE WEBINARS when I was in Atlanta because Indians were scattered  about 50 to 200 Miles from a Place called Alpharetta in Atlanta . When I received excuses like they can`t TRAVEL 50 miles to 200 miles to come and attend a LIVE Presentations which I  was conducting at Downtown Atlanta for a Builder from Bangalore, being IT Savvy , I decided  to USE LIVE WEB-CASTING  and I sent a Email VIDEO to them and INVITED to come  ONLINE . 

This was a very Good Success because of my Communication skills  I had  17 sales of Rs.45 Lakhs  both because of my LIVE  WEB-CASTING  PRESENTATIONS.  Later with FOLLOW UP another 8 Sales happened . Being a  Learner , I wanted to LEARN how to use 
TECHNOLOGY to get more Sales . Unfortunately , I have seen many CEOs , GMs & Marketing  Heads in India are thinking the OLD ways of Employing 15 to 50 unmotivated Sales Executives and put ADVERTISEMENT in Newspaper . Receive calls . 70% drop here only . Another 30%  are persuaded to come and look at the PROJECT . Again another 80% drop out of the remaining 30% after investing time and effort talking and showing them everything . In my Words all this is like DONKEY WORK . I have always worked very SMARTLY and have got 400+ sales only through LIVE PRESENTATIONS in India and USA . 

To work more SMARTLY , I paid US$2000 & attended TRAINING PROGRAMS in Atlanta about Setting up AUTOMATED  LIVE 24x7 WEB CASTING  which REAL Estate Companies use in USA which RUNS  24x7 and engages the Customer with all the DETAILS  to CONVINCE the Potential Buyer to take ACTION to CALL you . 

Some of the Salient Features of 24x7 Automatic LIVE Web-Casting which will MICRO-TARGET the POTENTIAL BUYERS are mentioned below  ::

1.) Will COST Now Rs.2 Lakhs to SET-UP with all the CONTENT of your PROJECT done in VIDEO FORMAT which will
ELICIT a potential Buyer to take ACTION .  For the Second Builder
after 15 days  , I will be Charging Rs. 5 Lakhs or More . 
2.) For the First Builder if you DECIDE FAST and immediately , I am CHARGING Rs.2 Lakhs and it will take  7 to 15 days to DEVELOP it . Later after just 15 days , I will be Charging  Rs.
5 LAKHS to develop  it and later Rs.7 Lakhs . It cost me US$2500 to buy the SCRIPT 
and License. It is Totally Automatic and don`t come to conclusion without knowing all the features . NO ONE is doing it in INDIA which is totally AUTOMATIC . 

3.) You will be the PIONEER in using the MOST REVOLUTIONARY Automated LIVE 24x7 WEB-CASTING which will be the MOST POWERFUL Method to MARKET to the POTENTIAL NRI Buyers or LOCAL Buyers . It will COST one time Rs.2 Lakhs or Rs,
5 Lakhs or Rs.7 Lakhs . It is when you DECIDE. Earlier the Better.  The DATA of Email and MOBILE NUMBERS will be very NOMINAL. Whenever you Put the ADVERTISEMENT , you can add a LINE to WATCH a LIVE WEB-CASTING. 

4.) Purchasing the DATA of NRIs or LOCAL IT PROFESSIONAL will be REASONABLY less expensive then small advertisement . For Sending to 17,000 NRIs in Atlanta , I had paid US$2,000 . To put an AD in 1/4th of Magazine Page it would cost me US$2500 . The Magazine Marketing Team sent 3 times the EMAIL and I got 452 Response with 9 Booking happening . It costed me about just Rs.1,50,000 on expenses but gave good RESULT . In India , you get 2000 to 10,000  IT PROFESSIONAL DATA  from just Rs.10,000 to Rs.40,000 or even Less . SEND a Email & SMS to them to have a LOOK at a WEBINAR is more than Sufficient and I know what are the STRATEGIES
to ELICIT them to take ACTION . CONTENT is the KING in CONVINCING and I KNOW how to create that CONTENT which CONVINCES them to TAKE ACTION . 

5.) I am an Expert in Convincing PEOPLE to BUY . Infact many FULL PAGE or HALF Advertisement in Newspaper don`t have an element of Elicitation or CALL for ACTION . I know how to incorporate those subtle message in a COVERT WAY to make People to take ACTION to CALL you . They Say
that CONTENT is the KING in getting Business . I know how to Create the CONTENT to get BUSINESS . 
     I have STUDIED how COMPANIES SPEND Rs.2 LAKHS to Rs.20 Lakhs per WEEK for 3 to 6 Months and get very POOR RESPONSE . By changing few sentences and the syntax of the Sentences I added for a Builder increased his Advertisement response by 200 to 300%. This is FACT which will be shown.

6.) I know it is PATTERN of many Builders , CEOs , GMs for keep POSTPONING innovative strategy but following outdated Marketing STRATEGIES which worked 5 years ago or 10 years ago . I request you to TAKE ACTION if you want to See Good Sales happening on Consistent basis with less expense. 

     Don`t DELAY . Don`t POSTPONE . Don`t procrastinate now and spend later more .  I have noticed many CEOs , Vice-President-Marketing , GM,Head Sales are EXPERTS in MINOR  things and don`t know the difference between ACTIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY . They focus on routine activity but not on increasing PRODUCTIVITY.    

7.) For Rs.20+ Lakhs SPENT on the FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT or Rs.8+ Lakhs spent on Half Page advertisement which I have seen sometimes give lot of LEADS but no good Sales. For the Same amount  I will  assured you atleast 10 to 40 NRI Sales . With Rs.5 Lakhs SPENT , I got 17 SALES and later another 8 sales for Rs.45 Lakhs FLAT . That was through LIVE Seminars which I organized in USA . But with AUTOMATED LIVE 24x7 Web-casting you can NOW start with Rs.2 Lakhs or if you DELAY it will be Rs.5 Lakhs or MORE . 

   Only through my LIVE PRESENTATIONS I have generated 400+ Sales  whenever Sales are required for different Projects for a Builder .  Plz read my COMPLETE PROFILE and watch the VIDEOS  in my WEBSITE  before coming to Conclusion . The WEBSITE is :

I sincerely request you to FILL the 2 ONLINE FORMS in the CONTACT LINK in the WEBSITE  to get the COMPLETE FEE STRUCTURE for all my Services which gets GOOD SALES for you at Reasonable Cost. The Biggest Blunder you will do is keep postponing which is something  you can`t afford in REAL ESTATE Industry . 

I am KEEN only to MEET only ONE DECISION MAKER in the COMPANY to show and explain everything in DETAIL after the 2 Online FORMS are FILLED which is in my WEBSITE Contact link.

Waiting for your RESPONSE . 

Thank you . 

Abhinandan TS 
9008026867 - INDIA 
001 770 881 7545 - USA


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