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Abhinandan TS is conducting Seminars from last 22 years . While he was doing his engineering , his passion for public speaking motivated him to attend all kinds of Self-development Seminars , Public Speaking Courses Communication Skills Workshops and NLP trainings. While he was in 4th year , he concieved , designed and conducted a life-changing very powerful seminars for High School / College Students called " Methodical Learning techniques for achieving Peak Performance in Studies and Exams" which he has conducted so far in 2000 schools in India and abroad and more than 1,00,000+ students have attended his SuperLearning seminars .

Later he attended TRAINING Seminars and Workshop related with Marketing , Selling Techniques and was associsted with Corporate Company conducting Seminars and Business Presentations which he is doing from last 15 years . From last 5 years , that is from 2008 when the recession started and there was slump in Real Estate Selling , I was conduct Business Presentation for a Real Estate Company Project and Selling weekly 10 to 25 Flats of Rs.35+ Lakhs on the Spot after a 60 minutes powerful and convincing presentations . While in USA , he studied how Real Estate Training Seminars are done to Train the Sales Executives .

The Seminars and Training which he conduct have been utilized by Real Estate Companies , to offer a VALUE added Seminar or talk to a Group of People either in affluent club or associations and then after a Rapport is built , then inviting for Real Estate Business presentation in 5 Star Hotel and at the same time inviting other prospects from Newspaper ADs . When he was in USA in Sept 2012 for a AKKA Conference , he studied how about 11 builders from Bangalore who went to participate , just sat in their booth waiting for people to come and just giving a 3 information - Price , Sqft and Location and later discussed they just got 6 leads or 11 leads but he organized a seminar and converted them to buy the project he was representing .

Since he was giving a Presentation in Real Estate in India which was embedded with powerful Communication syntax which would make a Person sitting in my Presentation to get CONVINCED and because of his CLOSING EXPERTISE , would make the PROSPECTIVE BUYER commit on the SPOT with a TOKEN money before he sees the PROJECT or many not seeing the PROJECT expect the VIDEOs. He also studied how cost-effectively the right required kind of audience can be assembled in USA / Canada and other Countries with the STRATEGY he will share when he meets the Builder / Developer or CEO of a Real Estate company .

Real Estate Presentations to Sell Flats /Villas to NRIs / PIOs
  NRIs / PIOs are people with huge potential to invest in Indian Real Estate . Abhinandan TS can organize cost-effective Presentations , conduct convincing presentations and also close the Sale because of his mastery in giving Prsentations and using Sales Process Techniques . Builders / Developers can contact him after reading the links in " Business" and " Training" in this Website . Abhinandan TS will show how it is more cost-effective than an expensive newspaper Ad in India and how to surpass the competation in local Market and look for places where in 5 to 7 Presentations a good number of sales can be done faster.
Master the Art of Real Estate Selling - for Sales / Marketing / Tele-callers of Real Estate company.
  For the Real Estate company which takes the service of Abhinandan TS for organizing Seminars and Presentations for NRIs / PIOs in USA , Canada , GCC , South Asian Countries where Indian Community are in large numbers , then for that Company he will also conduct Powerful Training Seminars which will TRAIN the Executives to CLOSE the Sale faster . For details of the TRAINING Program , plz look at the link - TRAINING in this Website . Training Program for your Executives will be very essential if you want to maximise productivity of the Sales / Marketing Staff .
BELOW Seminars / Training Programs can be used as VALUE ADDED Seminars by Real Estate Company for SPONSORING a EVENT to INVITE the Potential Buyers in USA / Canada / GCC and other Countries . It has been done very successfully earlier and been very Cost effective .

Super Learning Workshop and Parent Seminar on " Nutrition to Boost Power "
  NRIs / PIOs Parents having kids from 1st standard to College level can be targeted . Once I conduct a VALUE added Presentation for 20 to 100 Student in one City in USA or Canada or UAE and their Parents are invited to for 2hr Presentation on " Nutrition to Boost Power of your Children" . After my Presentation on those topics , we can invite them on a Seminar on - "How to Secure your Children Future by Real Estate Investment in India" and waivered the FEE charged for the SUPERLEARNING Seminar if the Parents attended the Real Estate Seminar . Look for other Seminars related at the Link : http://www.SuperLearning.in/training.html .
Seminars on " Wealth Creating through Asset Managament in India"
  Abhinandan TS has studied and researched how to reach the Indian community in USA / Canada / UAE and other Countries . The expenses that will cost to reach them and organize a Seminar is much cheaper than Newspaper advertisement , Hoarding , Property Show or Online Media Promotion. But we have to work on it for 15 to 30 days in advance to organize 5 to 7 Seminars on the above subject which is conducted FREELY or CHARGED and REFUNDED when they sit for the REAL Estate Presentation of your Project which will be conducted powerfully by Abhinandan TS. When the topic on WEALTH Creation is conducted , an Email is Sent to 10,000 to 20,000 people in one City in USA , we can expect minimum of 20 to 50 people or even more and I can give ideas on how to reach even 1000 people through other events and then conducting REAL Estate Presentation on your Porject will be very effective .
Keynote talks or Presentations to Group of NRI People on Community wise .
  Abhinandan TS can talk on any subject of useful information and knows how to study it and prepare a talk on that Subject and impress the group of people on Community wise or County wise . Apart from the MAIN Business Presentation of your Projects , I can contact lot of organiziations and groups to give keynote talks on useful information and also tell them about the Presentation which we are organzing for your Project and invite them with an attraction offer . That is how I have done for other Builders / Developers and have got immense sale regularly . The Company should be able to spend for all these activities like a corporate social reponsibility and still get leverage out of it .
Other Topics on which Abhinandan TS conducts Presentatiions ::

Law of Attraction Seminar

Wellness & Stress Management techniques

Online Marketing on Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Blog - Workshop

HOME Abhinandan TS Business Seminar Training Contact